V for Vendetta Analysis

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G for Good Story The five elements of a good story are essential in analyzing a film and relating these elements can change how one regards a films quality. Each element of a film can be connected to why a film is a good story. A good story should be unified in plot, credible, interesting, both simple and complex, and handle emotional material with restraint. The film V for Vendetta possesses these five elements and gains support of this theory throughout the story. First, the story is unified in plot. The plot is unified around the central theme of social problems faced by the people of London around the year 2030. The character’s exposition in the film clearly relates them to the central theme and how they’re important to the plot of the story and their actions drive the theme home. The calculated plan for getting Sutler elected and his agenda carried out creates a cause and effect relationship with V becoming the activist and his plan for overturning the corrupt government that rules over England and the world. Nothing in either of these plans can be transposed or removed because each step is essential for the plan to be a success and without Sutler’s plan for takeover of government, there would be no reason for V to start a rebellion. Second, the story is credible. The story of V for Vendetta could happen in the world as we know it today. The externally observable truth of the way things really are can be observed by the mention of a few things. The worldwide problems presented by Sutler and his party started with the “American’s War”, referencing the war in Iraq currently in progress. This war in the world today has caused many problems for America and many other countries involved in this pointless war. The around the clock surveillance of the people of London in the film brings to mind the Patriot Act in this country. Government could definitely find a

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