V for Vendetta Essay

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The Unknown Identity I believe one of the primary themes in V for Vendetta is the importance of an individual knowing his or her identity and freedom. This concept is frequently brought up through out the movie because V himself has learned who he is by the experiences he has had during the past. He is a man who is fighting for freedom after the government tries to take over the people. V implies one should fight for their freedom at all times regardless who the people threatning to take it away from you are. Since freedom is something we take for granted most human beings have two options when it is taken awau from them. You can either live by the strict norms being put on you or you can fight back and strive to gain your freedom back. In the movie V for Vendetta it shows that people can force their power to get what they want from others who are in a lower position than them. An example would be what Evey had to go through at a young age. She had her parents abducted when she was a child herself and was forced to grow up to see all the injustice that was being done to others. We were able to see her change herself throughout the movie which falls under the theme of knwoing who you are and where you come from. At first she was a very fearful and timid young girl but at the end we were able to see her change due to the torture V had her go through. He had her believe she was captured and was put into a maltreatment in which she had to tellthem everythinng they wanted to know from her. She refused to give in which was what V wanted from her, he wanted her to defend herelf and leave the fear of death

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