V for Vandetta

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V for Vendetta analysis Essay Identifying if a character in a film is a hero or terrorist can differ based on the viewer’s opinions. In the film, V appears because of the sound and visual effects he performs on the screen. In the film V for Vendetta, the main character V can portray a hero or terrorist depending on how one looks at the story. V’s actions make him seem like a terrorist, however the reasoning behind his actions portray him as a hero. There were various scenes that portrayed V as a terrorist and other’s that portrayed him as a hero showing him sticking up for others that were tortured like him. In V for Vendetta, V’s character is a hero, V’s actions are justified to achieve his goal, and he is a major symbol in the film. In the Film V For Vendetta, V represents a hero throughout the story while also performed terrorist acts. V believes that the country had forgotten the meaning of their buildings, which he feels is similar to the government forgetting the meaning of everyone having the right to live free. V’s main goal is to scare the country with terrorist attacks in order to bring them together. His intentions are to use terror in order to reintroduce the country’s unity as one (Coppens 1). V had a personal experience in which the government separated the population into groups of people that had certain characteristics that were considered abnormal. V and many others were inmates of a concentration camp where political prisoners, homosexuals, blacks, Muslims, and Jews were used as human test subjects and then V decided to inflict terror by blowing up buildings and killing those that were involved with the concentration camps. V became a hero to those who were medically tested and tortured. The government separated people by labeling certain people as not being normal and this created gaps between the citizens in the country. V’s plan of
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