V for Vandetta Essay

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Comparative Government V for Vendetta 2/25/12 V for Vendetta The government tried to put a stop to V’s criminal yet heroic activities but they couldn’t seem to get the better of the man. The defense of the nation was entirely upon V’s back yet he proved his point any single time he wished. He was unstoppable, fueled by the ideals and thoughts of a society that wasn’t taken down by corruptness or greed; he wanted a society that was for the people, not a society for the chancellor. People for the most part tried to remain in a normal standard of living but the population grew scared as the chancellor became more powerful and turned into that of a dictator. V saw something in Evey no one else did, he saw himself. Her parents along with her brother had all been killed by the government and Evey tried to live out each day in her own little world, careful to walk on egg shells for the fear of the government. The only Patriotism that came was forced or taught to by those involved with the chancellor and the government of the country. V however wanted to shake things up so to speak. He created complete and utter chaos. Anything to rattle the system V was capable and more than willing to do it. Evey was brutally punished and repeatedly tortured to the point where she was no longer afraid of death, something she wish she could feel as she could sense it in her friend V’s passion. After months and months of being beaten and having her hair shaven off it turned out to be V who was behind it all. He tried to explain through her anger how he was trying to help her to not be afraid, not even of death, and it worked. People grew weary of the chancellor and the government because they no longerff felt secure and had no real freedom, their lives had turned into the chancellor’s democracy. Equality was thrown out the window and the

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