Uwe Tuition Fees Essay

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UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST OF ENGLAND - NEW UNDERGRADUATE INTERNATIONAL FEES 12/13 Programmes are listed alphabetically by title use Ctrl+F to search for key words Amendments 29/3/12 ALL - Part time route details removed FET - G40013 - STATISTICS - full time route details added 11/6/12 FET - K10C12 - MArch. Architecture (Part 2) fees added for students completing part 1 prior to AND after June 2011 FET - K401 - TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING - Programme and fees added FET - FH8962 - GRAD DIP RIVER AND COASTAL ENGINEERING - Moved from postgraduate list 12/13 FEE SCHEDULE Locked 17/01/11 GUIDANCE Not All programmes listed on this schedule will run. All fees subject to annual review Deposit and Deposit refund policies apply Scholarships administered and listed separately Fees listed apply to students commencing study for the first time -subject to assessment for tuition fee liability. Some exceptions apply. UWE CODE is the code used by UWE and may differ from that listed on application information More details can be found at: http://www1.uwe.ac.uk/students/feesandfunding Version 8.4 Last revision date 18/06/12 NEW UNDERGRADUATE INTERNATIONAL FEES 12/13 FACULTY A FBL FBL HLS HLS FET FET FET FET FET FET FET FET FET FET STUDY LEVEL Undergraduate UG Placement UG NHS Contract UG NHS Contract Foundation Undergraduate UG Placement Undergraduate UG Placement Undergraduate Undergraduate Foundation Undergraduate UG Placement UWE CODE N42013 N420 B701 B70144 H690 H41013 H410 H401 H401 H403 H404 H40B H42013 H420 BA BA BSC DIPHE FDSC BENG BENG MENG MENG BENG MENG FDSC BENG BENG LEVEL NAME ACCOUNTING & FINANCE (FT) ACCOUNTING & FINANCE (SW) ADULT NURSING ADULT NURSING AEROSPACE COMPUTER SYSTEMS (GLOSCOL) AEROSPACE DESIGN ENGINEERING (FT) AEROSPACE DESIGN ENGINEERING (SW) AEROSPACE DESIGN ENGINEERING (SW) AEROSPACE DESIGN ENGINEERING (SW) AEROSPACE ENGINEERING AEROSPACE

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