Utopian Society Essay

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Every human, even the animals, dream to have and live in a perfect society, where no problems could exist at all. Could you imagine what a utopian society it would be? It probably will be the most peaceful place to live without wars or problems of any kind. Although we might think of this as something impossible to exist it is not as hard as you think, if we all together help just as it happened to exist “Marvelous Boat” where sea animals created a perfect society. Everything started when the most generous fish that could exist in the ocean died, after being catch by a fishhook. It was the saddest day for all the animals, since everyone love him to much. After this tragedy, the most intelligent animal in the ocean, the dolphin decided to join all the animals together in a sunken boat that has being near where they used to swim, to get to a solution since many fishes had died by the fishhooks, and so he did. First came in the seahorse, then the jellyfish, the octopus, the starfish, the whale, and lastly the sea turtle. The dolphin began his speech and his main point of this assembly was that from now on if they wanted for less fishes to die they all needed to work together. He also came with the idea that each animal will have in his responsibility a job to be taken according to the abilities of each animal, and that way they will have a better underwater life. After his speech, the seahorse said that for all this to come with a good result, they needed rules to become a success. Each animal made opinion about what the rules should be until they all agree and finally they came out with the finals rules. 1- No animal should swim near the anchor or you will probably end being trapped by a fishhook. 2- No sea animal should eat another sea animal. 3- All animals must do their assign task. 4- Animals should help each other. Those were the 4 basic rules which

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