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Utopia Sir Thomas More wrote “Utopia" in the reign of King Henry the 8th of England. It is about how perfect the world could be when men treated everyone as they would like to be treated. Sir Thomas was considered to be one the most vocal of the “Humanists" in England at the time. Sir Thomas, being the chief advisor to the King after the downfall of Cardinal Wolsey, Sir Thomas quite literally lost his head when he, as a Roman Catholic Cleric, refused to sign an oath that the King forced upon his people to acknowledge that only the KING was the head of the new " Church of England", and required all British subjects to renounce any claim of the Catholic Church and the Pope to make Church doctrine in England. It also did not help that Anne Boleyn was the new Queen of England at that time. Sir Thomas believed that King Henry's marriage to Catherine of Aragon was legal and valid. Queen Anne did everything in her power to get the King to " punish" Sir Thomas, meaning that he should have his head removed. Since the Queen had not yet lost the Kings favor, she got her wish. So alas Sir Thomas' " Utopia", which reportedly was King Henry's favorite book, did nothing to assuage the sheer hatefulness in Henry's nature. Utopia represents the notion of an ideal commonwealth, as the expression in a fable of what would at once be a standard and touchstone for social and political regulations. Hytholoday begins to talk of his adventures, and to describe how in the course of them he had come across many interesting communities, among them the commonwealth, whose custom on laws might well serve as examples to European Countries. By directs comments on the evils and miseries prevalent in England and Europe with an analysis of their causes and suggestions for their remedies. When More and Giles discover how widely Hythloday had traveled and realized the depth of his

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