Utilization of Physical Activity in Our Society Essay

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Eleanor Metheny Biography Eleanor Metheny was born on August 16, 1918 and passed away in February of 1985 at the age of sixty six years old. Eleanor Metheny was a very important individual in the world of physical education. Metheny taught at the University of Southern California for twenty nine years. She wrote many books, many of which were published between the years of 1965 to 1977. Eleanor Methany was not only an author, but also a co-other and an editor. She wrote several different books and co-authored others. Metheny also worked in close proximity with Charles H. McCoy at the University of Iowa. Metheny believed that physical education could serve as an instrument to assist children with movement, due to the fact that children would be able to discover, and investigate the world around them. This would allow them to expand, develop and interpret their world through it. Metheny is also noted as being one the many people who was fascinated with the athletic performance of black athletes (Wiggins, 1989). Charles H. McCloy Biography Charles H. McCloy was a denoted physical educator. McCloy was born in Ohio, March 30, 1886, and died in 1959. In 1907 McCloy received his Ph.B. at Marietta College of Ohio; he was awarded the M.A. at Marietta in 1910. From 1910 through 1912, McCloy studied at Johns Hopkins Medical School. After the year 1913 McCloy went back to Ohio State University. For thirteen years Mr. McCloy lived in China, he also spoke Chinese fluently. After some went by McCloy returned to the United States and in 1932 he received his Ph.D. at Columbia University. McCloy taught physical education at colleges and served at Young Men’s Christian Association locations in China and the United States between 1905 and 1930. McCloy was also a professor of physical education at the University of Iowa from 29 years. Dr. McCloy specialized in anthropometry. He

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