Utilization of It Concepts and Tools by Organizations Essay

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Utilization of IT Concepts and Tools by Organizations Abstract This paper describes the various tools and concepts that are used and implemented by organizations. The concepts that have been discussed in the paper are the implementation of Green computing, the Applications of Freeconomics, Cloud Computing and Electronic Commerce. The organizations that use the mentioned concepts and IT tools are Office of Information Resources at Tennessee, Practice Fusion, Pinterest and Etsy. The advantages that these organizations will accomplish by utilizing these Information Technology concepts and tools is also discussed. The implementation of Green Computing Green computing refers to environmentally responsible use of computing. It can also be called as green technology. This kind of technology includes reduced energy consumption by implementing efficient central processing units and other related peripherals used in IT. The main idea behind this technology is to manufacture and use efficient and effective products and properly dispose electronic waste without impacting environment. (Wikipedia, n.d.) One of the earliest initiative programs encouraging green computing is energy star which was considered by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Energy star became a common spectacle especially in computer displays. Sustainable IT services require the integration of green computing practices such as power management, virtualization, improving cooling technology, recycling, electronic waste disposal, and optimization of the IT infrastructure to meet sustainability requirements. Recent studies have shown that costs of power utilized by IT departments can approach 50% of the overall energy costs for an organization. While there is an expectation that green IT should lower costs and the firm’s impact on the environment, there has been far less attention

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