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Spencer Bosoluke Moral Life Utilitarianism is defined differently by many different philosophers but the two most important, Jeremy Bentham and James Mill, stated that everything should be done to accomplish the biggest number of happiness to the biggest group of people no matter what the outcome is to the people who don’t agree with this. There are many types of utilitarianism, but I am going to point out the two major types: act and rule. In act utilitarianism, basically what I just stated above, the person doing the act doesn’t care about the people that don’t go along with what is benefiting the most people or making the most people happy. This can be whether they are breaking laws or not. In rule utilitarianism, the person or persons doing the action consider the law and societal standing with what their doing before they perform the action. They are setting out to do the fairest action for the most people, but in the end still wanting to make the biggest number of people happy in the end. An objection that I found in act utilitarianism is that they are promoting people to do wrong things, no matter what the outcome of what could be many, many other people. Take for instance the terrorism that happened on 9/11, the Al-Qaida were acting as act utilitarian’s because they were performing an act towards the United States that made many people in the United States devastated, but in the Al-Qaida world made all of them extremely happy. Another objection that I have found is that no one can determine the amount of positive and negative feelings towards an action before they do it. By saying this, utilitarianism is now false because before performing an action we don’t know how many people will benefit from it and how many people will not benefit from it. Lastly, I have found that life should contain more than just pleasure. To fulfill a life you must be

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