Using the World Wide Web in Writing Research Papers: for and Against Essay

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Using the World Wide Web in Writing Research Papers: For and Against Everything revolves around the internet these days and we just can not imagine our lives without it. The internet and the World Wide Web have expanded greatly over the past decade. The internet is as common in homes as a telephone or a television. That is why way of life is becoming mainly “on-line.” Internet usage has become very popular with in the past years. It has become an important tool which many people have in their homes and children as well as adults are able to use it. It is used for entertainment, communication and study. There are millions and millions sources where students can find all necessary information for their research papers. However, there are a lot of arguments for and against using the World Wide Web in writing different essays and research papers. Since this semester we are writing our term papers, I would like to discuss some advantages and disadvantages in using Internet for this purpose. On the one hand, using World Wide Web can be really useful and there are a lot of arguments for. First of all, we live in 21st century and our life is getting more and more technology intensive. Let’s face it, we just can not imagine ourselves without computers and internet. That is why, it is incredibly important for students to know how to deal with information technologies and to learn how to search all necessary information on the Internet as it will help them in their future career and everyday life. Second of all, it is a human nature that we always want to make our life easier and simpler. You are able to save great amount of time and power using different technologies. There is no need in searching lots of books and articles trying to find the right information. You can find whatever you want on the Internet. This is how it works: “You toss a query to the machine,
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