Using the Internet for Research Can Be Easy Essay

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Using the Internet for Research Can Be Easy In the past, I used print resources for researching because they were the only means available to conduct research. Computers and the internet was a technology that was not available for individuals. The Public Library was my main source of obtaining research. With the advent to the internet and personal computers, that has changed. Although still useful, I have noticed libraries have a tendency to have out of date material, or pending on the size, no material at all. Some items may be already checked out and are unavailable making researching more taxing. With the internet, I have everything at my fingertips just a few keystrokes away. There is a large drawback to using the internet for researching, but it can be limited to a manageable level. Although with some pitfalls, I believe the internet has become the best available avenue for research and can be accomplished easily. Online researching has become the go to outlet for researching information. I have the ability for find anything and everything I need online. Information is current and everywhere! I just need to know what I’m looking for. Although not without faults, the ability to have this vast sea of knowledge is exhilarating. Like any relationship, the internet can be a fickle partner. I have noticed I need to have a give and take attitude while researching. For every positive aspect of internet research, there may be a negative one. After gathering information and checking my sources, I have a bigger picture of what I am looking for. Along the way of gathering resources, I am normally bombarded with flashy ads and annoying pop ups. My e-mail and other social media apps are notifying me in the background with their siren song of distraction. Therein lies the give and take with internet researching. All the information you could ever want, but just enough

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