Using the Four Goals of Psychology in Children Essay

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Using the four goals of psychology in children Children are our legacy. The role for parents and other adults is to care and support the growing mind, body and spirit of these precious gifts. Even when chemical, environmental or physical complication exists they can be overcome by various methods available. If society can help these children become productive, useful adults then all will benefit in the end. Using the four goals of psychology in children will lead to the improvement of society. These goals are to describe, understand, predict and control behavior. Through observing, knowledge can be gained to help the child in the future. Professionals can describe different behaviors in order to gain an understanding of how it will affect a child later in life. Many sleep studies have been conducted and show that the amount and quality of sleep as well as erratic schedules can lead to poor academic performance in children. This can follow them into adulthood and show up as “diminished cognitive performance.” (Buckhalt, Wolfson, El-Sheikh, 2009) Any adolescents who self-inflicted injury upon themselves are at a much higher risk to commit suicide later, than ones who have never inflicted injury. (Crowell, Beauchaine, McCauley, Smith, Vasilev, Stevens, 2008) These conducts can be correctable and the child has every chance for success. What parent would not want their child to succeed? Psychologists can try to understand behaviors in order to allow that child to be successful. According to Neitzel, Alexander and Johnson a child’s learning process is influenced by their personal interests. With preferences come the attention to detail, motivation to learn, retention of information and participation in activities during the early school years. Being able to look at the upbringing of a child can help the psychologist to give some different coping strategies to the

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