Using Microsoft Word, Excel, & Powerpoint in the Business World Essay

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Using Microsoft Word, Excel, & PowerPoint in the Business World Patricia Digby CGS 2060-33 Computer Applications Microsoft has many different programs that help businesses throughout the world. There are three main programs, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Word helps papers to be written easier. Microsoft PowerPoint lets projects have creation and more vitality. Microsoft Excel makes businesses love Microsoft even more, because of the wondrous graph operation it has and it is so much easier for businesses to do bill’s and/ or taxes or inventory for a store. These programs are very useful to businesses and colleges everywhere. Microsoft Word is a word processor that was designed by Microsoft. Microsoft Word is a program that is used too type reports, research papers, and various other projects like, agendas, brochures, business cards, flyers, inventories, newsletters, schedules and even time sheets. Word makes the world so much easier by allowing users to have access to a computer program that more comprehendible. This program has multiple styles and coloring for lettering. There are three different alignments and several fonts to help with personal or recommendation letters, and resumes. Anyone can open copy and change any part of a document and it contains document properties and author’s name. It has headers and footers so the author can put his or her name, date, and title of the project. Microsoft Word has custom XML data. This document has content that people with disabilities find it difficult to read. Microsoft PowerPoint is a very useful presentation program. Microsoft PowerPoint is developed by Microsoft and the name of a proprietary commercial presentation program. PowerPoint, a program that is easy to make; meeting projects, calendars, award certificates, diagrams, invitations, presentations, resumes, and

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