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There are a number of strengths and limitations when carrying out an experiment in this case the specific experiment that might be carried out by a sociologist is a field experiment. This is an experiment which is carried out in a natural setting and the external validity is higher than the internal validity. Other experiments would include Laboratory experiments; these are very small scale and can study the effects of labelling within schools. He experiment would have different outcomes as it is not in a real setting and this would isolate a number of variables. The outcome of the experiment would be useless as the information is not reliable. The laboratory experiment is controlled and the students and teachers will know that they are being observed and would not be in their natural setting or have the same behaviour patterns. The teachers and students will behave according to how the outcome of the experiment should be. There are a number of ethical issues involved in a laboratory experiment as the people participating will have to give consent to be a part of the experiment. There are a number of issues in schools why students have poor achievement and one of the reasons is when teachers in school label students. This is when teachers treat certain groups of children different to other children and this creates stereotypes within the class. This creates a negative attitude towards a child’s self-esteem and achievement in school. When sociologists are researching within a school it can sometimes be quite obvious. The teacher knows why and what is going to be in the research and consent has been given, the teacher. The teacher within the class may deliberately not do or say anything that could be perceived as labelling. This is known as the “Hawthorne Effect”. But this may not be an issue if the researcher is conducting a covert study, where the teachers or
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