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Using Maslow's Motivational Theory to Motivate Employees Essay

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Using Maslow’s Motivational Theory to Motivate Employees
Linda Lewis
September 8, 2012
Introduction to Business
Professor Shaps
Everest University

In order to understand motivation at work, an individual should identify the levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of need and use them to motivate employees.   Employees can also be motivated by Herzberg motivating factors and McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y motivating factors.
    Things have really been happening at Sun – 2 – Shade, a manufacturing company of self- darkening windshields has made many changes and it seems that things should be going smoothly.   However, there are problems with the workers, and you don’t understand what’s wrong.   I would first use Maslow’s esteem needs, which is a need for recognition and acknowledgement from others as well as self- respect and a sense of status or importance among the employees to see if encouraging the workers on their performance will help the situation improve.  
    Although people are being paid well, they still do not seem to be motivated.   I would use Maslow’s motivational theory to solve this problem by getting an understanding of each employee’s human motivation, in general, because the needs that have been satisfied will no longer provide motivation for the employees.  
    I have been the person in charge, and I have made the decisions I thought were best for the company and the workers, and even pitched in to help by showing people how I wanted things to be done.   Each employee has their own job, and they know exactly how to do it.   I have heard some people complain about their job, but I know the way I have shown them is the best way to get the jobs done.     Also I have seen people come in late, and seem to actually resent my help.   One way I can help solve the situation concerning this is to be more open for suggestions from the employees of ways they may know to get the jobs done better.   Also I would use the self- actualization needs, One way I can...

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