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Having to decide who made an impact on my life is probably a difficult task, just because there have been multiple people who have made an impact on my life. As I wander down memory lane, only one person seems to stand out and that person just seems to impact my life even more till this day. She is the type of person who has enough patience to deal with a special need child or a person who has mental issues. This individual brings out the bright side of me and gives the most amazing advice, although I can be hard headed at times. She knows how to help me deal with situations that I myself can’t handle on my own. She is there when I fall, when I struggle with school work, or just life itself. This individual is my number one supporter when things go good or bad, although work can be in the way sometimes, she manages to always be there when I need her. This extraordinary individual is my mother, Carmen. My mom is so precise when it comes to pushing me to do my very best in life or she knows when I need some time alone to figure out what mistakes I did and to learn from them. An example of how my mom can be precise or puts too much pressure on me was when I had to take a test called TAKS. Now this wasn’t just ordinary tests that if you failed you have the chance to do corrections and pass with a better score. My philosophy of this test was basically a do or die situation. I was close to telling my mom that I wanted to drop out and just get my GED, but my mom knew that wasn’t going to happen. For some reason she knew that her I was capable of fighting this negative attitude and passing this test. My mom pulled me to the side and lectured me how crazy I am for wanting to drop out of school and how it could devastate my dream of going to a excellent university to become a registered nurse. My mom left it up to me whether if I wanted to be promoted to the twelfth grade
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