Using Language to Persuade- Motorbikes Should Be Banned

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Using Language to Persuade- Motorbikes A recent proposal to ban motorcycles as a result of the sharp rise in motorcycle accidents has caused a response by A. Brown (The Age 2/06/06) who agrees with the proposal stating his belief in an informative and reasoned tone. In contrast B. Green expresses his view in an angered and passionate tone, as he believes the proposed ban is unjust and that it is the motorists who are causing the accidents. C. Blue also has the same belief but expression this opinion in a spiritual and frustrated tone focus more on the spiritual freedom he believes motorcyclists are being striped of. In A. Brown’s article “Motorbikes- passports to death” (The Age 2/06/06) a ban on motorcycles is argued to be the best response to fix the problem of the sharp rise in motorcycle fatalities. It is through the use of statistics by quoting the National Transport Bureau that Brown emphasises how severe the issue of motorcyclists is and places a number value on the amount of fatal crashes occurring. This use of statistics combined with the rhetorical questions and emotive language by referring to motorcycles as ‘primitive, two wheeled death-traps’ that Brown evokes concern and a sense of urgency in the readers. By exposing the extent of the issue Brown hopes this will result in readers sharing his opinion and voicing their concern to government officials and organization to further support the ban on motorcyclists. Also through Brown’s use of an anecdote in stating times when he was ‘harassed by motorcyclists’ it further exposes Brown’s view that motorcyclist are too blame for the fatalities on our roads. This also shows that motorcyclists are dangerous as situations in his anecdote show that the motorcyclist simply couldn’t be seen and that is why a problem occurred. In Brown voicing such personal opinions it allows readers to feel apart of the

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