Using Gadgets Essay

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Advantage and disadvantage of teens using gadgets February 22, 2014Uncategorized A gadget is a small specialized mechanical or electronic device, that can bring comfort. Well just been away for a while am back today here typing up my views as usual, from what i see in our new world today and our new thinking society. the question today i present is whats the advantage and disadvantage of kids/teens using gadgets really some say it brings advancement to there life helping with there school work such as preparing and doing projects, home schooling, surfing the web to find places, buy online from the comfort of there home then so much more the wonders it bring to teens it keeps them inside off the road as they get attach to social media meet new friends and share ideas and photos even watching your favorite movies on your computer, phone, tv or tablets. if u can afford all and so you could even watch them all at once smiles): but we truly accept the usage and do promote the world spread of these device in schools, libraries,children homes/girls ,boys juvenile centers so they must study from online courses be prepare for whats on the outside. view pictures of city they never been before learn how to be a better person so when they enter back into society they perform at there best even better than the rest but all that would be supported by a motivator/mentor to influence them to do good so they pursue the best while having access to the world wide web. being with out a washing machine ,microwave, calculator or self light stove all these gadgets make teenagers life so easy as it made mines . Disadvantage : we have passed all the good stuff but we would say,that not all that glitter is gold because many teenagers loosed there life to the high demand of steeling of devices such as phones and tablet also leave u depressed losing u laptop or phone it seems
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