Using Figure 3 and Your Own Knowledge, Explain Why the Pattern of Economic Power Has Changed over Time.

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Using figure 3 and your own knowledge, explain why the pattern of economic power has changed over time. (15 marks) The figure shows four clear distinct stages that the world experienced, is currently experiencing and is forecast to experience. During 1913, the British Empire was at its strongest forging a uni-polar world wherein Britain was the most predominant power globally. During the 1950s, a bi-polar world came into existence which then crumbled later in 1998 along with the fall of communism. In 2025, the emerging powers suggest the rise of a multi-polar world. In 1913, 37% of the global GDP was dominated by the British Empire, 19% by the USA and 9% by both China and Germany. To understand why the British Empire dominated 37% of the world’s global GDP the rigid control that the British Empire had over the world needs to be understood. At its height, during the reign of Queen Victoria, the British Empire had included a quarter of the world's land and people. From the end of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815 to the start of World War I in 1914, Britain acquired so many new colonies that the empire stretched around the world. Britain was able to control this vast empire by its domination of the seas and world trade routes. Throughout the 19th century, British naval strength was unbeatable and its boats constantly patrolled countries belonging to the empire. Because the empire covered both hemispheres it was known as 'the empire on which the sun never sets'. Colonies in the Caribbean Africa, Asia, Australasia and the Pacific were ruled from London and were all united under the British monarch Strategic harbours. These included Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Singapore and Aden, which came into British hands, and vital trading routes such as the Cape route to India, or the Suez Canal (via Egypt) to the spice and rubber plantations of southeast Asia were also controlled by

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