Using Examples, Examine How Nations Are Classified Into Different Types of Global Groupings (15 Marks)

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Global groupings are nations with similar aims of economic and social development. Global Groupings can be separated into political (trading blocs of nation for security in trading) and economic grouping. Nations can be categorised according to their overall levels of wealth and power that it brings Economic grouping is based on economic stages of a nation. However in the past countries have usually been classified in a two – tier system as MEDC’s and LEDC’s. LDC(least developed countries) in this group have very low income with a low GDP per capita; they have sometimes been described as ‘Fourth World’ nations to emphasise their bleak conditions and their populations lack of engagement with globalising forces. Countries such as Sudan and Afghanistan are classified in this group; these countries are frequently described as ‘failed states’ by politicians. A benefit is that it’s an average of countries income and doesn’t look at uneven distribution in the world. However a problem with grouping the countries into LEDC’s or MEDC’s is that is far too simplistic to divide the world in two, the distribution of wealth and power is more complex. Instead grouping nations into High, Middle and Low income is now considered more useful. Some nations are grouped into NICs (newly industrialised countries) NICs are middle income nations where exports and average earnings have risen at unprecedented rate since 1970s. Countries which are placed in that group are Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. A benefit with this type of global grouping is that it establishes a nation’s economic maturity; also it is able to classify stronger more established nations with other nations at similar stages. However there are some limitations which are, it is mostly categorised using nations GDP this can be done by looking at GDP per capita or GDP of nation as a whole, this could become hard to scale. For

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