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IMRAN HOSEIN Colorado Technical University Online JASON KEPPLER INFORMATION & TECHNOLOGY PHASE 1 IP November 28, 2009 There are a lot of features that I like about the Colorado Technical University website. I really enjoyed the way the site is designed. This was one of the main reasons I chose to attend Colorado Technical University Online. The first and initial feature I liked about the Colorado technical University Online website was the white box that allowed me to remember my log in name. This way whenever I log on to the website all I would have to do is type the first letter of my login and it will fill in the rest of my information. Of course I will only enable this from my personal computer. Once I log on I always look to the right side and scroll down. This is a status of service people and other fellow classmates. This is where I can check the status to see if anyone is online right now. I can then click on an icon and IM (instant message) someone. I cannot stress the importance of the Task List Icon (www.ctuonlinelogin) underneath the Course Overview tab. I am constantly using this so I can plan my school week ahead. This allows me enough time so I can complete my projects and assignments. It also gives valuable information that I will need to be successful in my academic career. By me using these tools that are available to me, will help my assignments and projects make sense, and have a certain quality and credibility. The most valuable tool that is available to me is the Course Materials Tab (www.ctuonlinelogin) located underneath the Interactive Tab. This allows me to view the material as a word document. You may also view this information as a video tutorial. I personally view the material in both formats. I also print out the word document so I can have a hard copy as a

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