Usher Poe Essay

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I have always enjoyed the “Fall of the House of Usher”. I’ve always been a Poe fan. I have my own copy of this story and have read it serveral times. It has been a long t ime and I enjoyed reading it again. I have always felt that Poe is all of the main characters. This is the reason I love the story so much. I’ll explain by breaking down the characters. Narator: The narator is the part of Poe that recognizes that the behaovior and lifestyle, that Poe himself leads, isn’t of good nature. Kind of like an alcoholic whos knows he is an alcoholic, realiazes that his actions and environment are harmful and when sober he likes to talk about change and getting help. The narator is the part of Edgar Allen Poe that wants to help himself get better. Roderick Usher: I interpret Usher as how Poe views himself. A madman with nothing left in the world other than his pittiful little self. He views himself as grotesque worthless soul having nothing left in the world. His life and everything surrounding him is delapitated. Roderick Usher is calling out for help. Lady Madeline Usher: In my eyes lady Madeline represents the most and tells us the most about Poe. She represents Poe’s addiction. At first Poe is lonely without her. He doesn’t know how to behave or what to do. Second, upon her passing he becomes a somewhat normal person. He loses his weird mannerisms or you could even say he acts sober. Finally you have Roberick going mad, why? Because the lady Madeline comes back! His addiction always comes back. The House: The house represents Poe’s perception of reality. I see the house as a morbid depiction of a depressed person’s surroundings. I’ve been down that path before. When I was younger and had issues with depression, I had a bleak outlook on my environment. Perception is reality. I think Poe understood this and as quickly as his perception had created
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