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Uses Ande Abuses of Television Essay

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Below is an essay on "Uses Ande Abuses of Television" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

ESSAY Topic-The uses and abuses of television
Television is an important invention of this century. Its great effect upon society is remarkable. It can be found in any part of the world.
Television is the mirror of life. It represents life as it really is.Television does an appreciable and efficient work for mankind.
It is one of the greatest educators of the masses. Various programmes are telecast to create awareness among the people relating to health and hygiene, nutrition, family planning and spread of harmful diseases .It also telecasts documentary programs about foreign countries, educational programs on engineering, science, medicine and so on. Television has also been introduced in the classroom in some parts of the world.
Television provides good entertainment, the greatest excitement and creates an interest in the arts. Very good plays are to be seen nowadays on television. A piano recital or an orchestra, a grand ball or a love affair drama keeps the home audience glued to the television.
To the old people and the sick, the television has become a companion. They no longer feel lonely and lost. Television entertains them and makes them happy.
As lot of discoveries are made in the space, Television has its use in their field too. Photographs can now be relayed to earth from space by means of television.
Unfortunately, television also has its disadvantages. People spend too much time in front of it. Children are likely to neglect their studies. Sometimes, even elderly people neglect their important work. Television is now a days is flooded with channels that telecast programmes harmful to public interest.   The crime related movies and serials have disastrous effect upon the younger generation. Excessive televiewing is harmful to eyesight as well as health in general. Many teenagers are becoming obese as they spend long hours before television and keep eating.
But the beneficial aspects of television cannot be ignored. If we are selective about the...

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