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User Manual Critique WB3 ENG/221 August 20, 2012 Instructor: William Salmon The Nokia7X is a unique The Nokia7X is a unique cell-phone that has been given features that improves the modern way cell phones are used. The features of this of the Nokia X7 consist of QWERTY input, improved browser platform, 4 inch AMOLED video screen, equipped with a 680 MHZ ARM 11 mini- computer processor followed by an 8 mega-pixel in camera focusing device. Other features consist of music and video download, accessible video camera, camera, record and audio play back, and internet access Criteria used to select the Nokia 7X user manual is based on the set-up of the Table of Contents, Basic use, device set-up, PC application set-up, network use, and the accessible cell-phone features. The Table of Contents displayed all of the key pieces of information that is introduced the user. The information was easily seen and accessible. Nokia displayed in sections from page to from the beginning to the end. The basic use section displayed information on how to use this cell phone by using visual images that described what to do. The information was not misleading or confusing, it was easy to understand. The PC application information section displayed useful data that describe in detail the use of the application (Nokia Ovi Suite PC application) and what internet web-site to use download the latest version of the software. The information section that describes the social network use allows the user to see the benefits that is offered when using this feature. This information gives user access to see, post, and share videos and pictures with friends. Nokia also provided other information that described the camera, video camera, music player, record, and play back feature. Each feature’s use was described in detail step-by-step. Each feature also had pictures that

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