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Manual Critique (Week 4) ENG/221 DATE NAME Introduction A manual is a document necessary to complete a task or to learn a new skill, often times also to operate machinery or service and maintain a piece of equipment. The usefulness of a manual depends on the audience. The audience can range from expert levels to beginner. There are several criteria’s that must be met to evaluate the effectiveness of a user manual. These criteria’s include the following audience recognition, to ensure and verify that the document uses a good tone language or terminology mainly focusing on word choice. Other important criteria a manual must meet (does it define or explain information accurately?) This is to ensure that all levels of audience from expert to beginner can understand what is being displayed and explained at the same time. Structure and design are also very important elements in the criteria of a user manual such as cover pages, header's footers. The structure and design are not to be ignored because it entails information such as date, version, and publication information, which might be used if the source is to be referenced or featured in other publications. This essay will determine if the user manual used good and understandable writing techniques to make the instructions readable to all its users. The user manual that will be critiqued is apples iPad user manual. The reason this manual was chosen to be evaluated is due to the experience I have had with this model. The popularity of the iPad is a phenomenon that keeps growing with new features being added daily. The expectations of this manual are generally used for reference's purposes. The iPad is a perfect opportunity to learn about emerging technology but also see that manuals can change from different versions. The publication of this user manual is version iOS 5.1, this version was chosen because it is

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