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TEAM A 2013 University of Phoenix Student Website Manual Your Guide to the E-Campus By Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Getting Started 2.1 Accessing the Site 2.2 Logging In 2.3 Homepage 3. Classroom Tab 3.1 Materials 3.2 Discussion 3.3 Assignments 3.4 Grades 4. Library Tab 4.1 Overview 4.2 Features 5. Program Tab 6. Account Tab 7. Phoenix Connect Tab 7.1 Overview 7.2 How to use 8. Conclusion 9. Extras 1. Introduction Congratulations on choosing University of (UOPX). UOPX provides a wonderful online campus experience for everyone, from the newly finished high school student, to the busy professional, to the single parent looking for time to improve himself or herself. If the student is unfamiliar with the Internet and computers in general, using an online campus may be overwhelming at first. With the help of this handbook, a student should be a professional in no time. Included within is an overview of the student website and some of its features. There are more in depth hand-books for each feature. Students can find these in the University Library, under the Library tab. Again, congratulations, and good luck. 2. Getting Started 2.1 Accessing the Site Accessing the UOPX site is the most important part of the UOPX experience. Every person, including faculty, uses the website to interact with each other. Students and faculty must be proficient with usage of the website. Accessing the site is fairly easy: * Log in/turn on the computer * Open the Internet browser * Type into the address bar After following these easy steps, students should be on the student website and ready to log in. 2.2 Logging in Once you have made it to the student

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