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We hope this user manual of the Online Learning Guide will help to make your University of Phoenix experience a whole lot easier. Improvements to Riordan’s raw inventory process. Handheld computers would be able to save on the loading docks. They would be able to retrieve scheduled orders and communicate directly with the receiving area. Upon the delivery of raw material delivery the supervisor for the receiving area would retrieve all the scheduled orders with the vendor name and expected quantity to be received. Barcodes can be attached to each shipment for inventory tracking; this would save time on the loading dock by moving materials into the warehouse faster and speed up the logging inventory process to real times instead of doing at the end of the business day. Manufacturing and Sales Department should have access to inventory as well to view raw materials received or expected to manage manufacturing request and Sales should view all sub-assemblies with expected completion dates and final products to manage delivery to clients. The materials could be removed from inventory if the manufacturing department could process requests for the raw materials. A new bar code number could be assigned to the products for tracking along the processing line. The barcode number would be transferred from the manufacturing dept into the inventory dept and eventually shipped to complete an order. The final product will be scanned, then loaded, and automatically removed from inventory and then sent to the billing dept for tacking and receipt of

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