Usefulness Of Teamworking

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How useful is teamwork as a method of doing work? Teamwork is a very useful method of doing work, with numerous benefits to both performance and employees. I plan to prove this by first showing how the number of advantages is far greater than the number of disadvantages. I will then use few motivational theorists to see how a change in employee motivation can be influenced through using team work. From that I will look at Louis Vuitton, an example of a business that has implemented team work into their production successfully, as a way of outlining clear benefits that can be gained from using team work to carry out a firm’s work. One of the biggest advantages of teamwork is that it can bring together several complimentary skills, more useful than any sole employee, working individually. This helps to ensure a combination of strengths, especially if the team has been chosen carefully, and means you can get a good range of abilities, fields of expertise and personality types, so for every situation there should be at least one person who can deal with it. This is particularly useful for any potential problems that could arise, with a broader selection of people at hand to deal with the problem; it becomes easier to deal with the problem more practically and more efficiently. Furthermore, when working in a team, it allows for the workforce to utilise their strengths more efficiently and this therefore gets more out of the employees. This will improve productivity, efficiency, and will give the company a greater chance of being profitable. This is also shown in divided responsibility, with workers who have particular strengths in one area to take more responsibility for that area. This could result in workers extending their roles, thus allowing the possibility to reduce costs and improve responsiveness. When working in a team, employees can find it easier to

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