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A. We visited the Sony website and we custom built a VAIO T Series 14 inch Custom Ultrabook and selected the specifications necessary to fill her requirements. The more memory your laptop has the faster and more efficient it is when opening different programs and/or applications at the same time. So we upgraded her memory from 6GB to 8GB to give her faster speed while taking notes during class so she doesn’t miss anything important. Since she is strictly using her laptop for school use, a larger hard drive isn’t as necessary as a memory upgrade. We did upgrade the computer’s hard drive from 320GB to 500GB for only $30.00 more. We choose the 14 inch laptop because it is more practical to her student use and note taking in class. The bulkiness of a larger display laptop would hinder the mobility of the unit and ease of use in a classroom environment. We upgraded from an Intel Core i3-3217U processor to the an Intel Core i5-3317U processor for $70.00 more. Although i5 has a slightly slower speed by .10GHz the 2.60GHz Turbo Boost allows it to overcome its slower processor. For the software of the computer we gave her the Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Student software for $119.99. We debated upgrading her to the Home & Business software for $80.00 more to include the Outlook email but decided to save her the money because most likely she will have a school email she is required to use for all her school assignments and for connecting with professors. Student includes Excel, Powerpoint, Word, and OneNote. All of these software applications will satisfy her school needs. She should not consider a tablet because they don’t have enough memory or processing power for her needs, and also the difficulty of note taking on a tablet is not

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