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Use the Ansoff Matrix to identify and explain the Fast Eater’s past and current growth strategies: i) Fast eaters growth strategies were almost exclusively “Market development”, by introducing its products to already existing markets that were previously untapped. They did this by marketing their products to international markets. The pizza and chicken role are examples of product development, the reason Fast eater wishes to develop these products is because it wants to ensure its long term cash flow. Fast eaters current plan is to get more customers into their service centers or outlets, this involves increasing their market share and thus would be Market penetration since the market is already there, and they are using the same products. Use the Boston consulting group matrix to analyze fast eater product portfolio ii) Both burger roles and fried potatoes are in decline, this means that they either need be remarketed in order to keep their market share higher and prevent the decline, also called an extension strategy or they can be left to become dogs. Because of the rapidly falling profitability of the fried potatoes they would be regarded as being closer to dog than Burger rolls. Toasted bacon sandwich provides a constant flow of capital to Fast eaters, and shows no signs of declining, It is a cash cow and the capital it generates can be used to try and save dogs, or more likely used to inject capital into stars or problem children. Cheese and tomato pizza and chicken roles seem to have been ill-advised ventures, with little demand for either of them and almost no sign of growth they would be regarded as dogs. 2) Fast Eater should market a new healthy sandwich, with low calories and carbohydrate count. Fast eaters should aim to create this into a rising star, since they don’t currently have one. They could use the capital from their cash

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