Use Of Steriods. Review

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INFORMATION AND FACTS ABOUT PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUGS AND ANABOLIC STEROIDS – PLAY YOUR SPORT CLEAN AND DRUG FREE A Crisis In Swimming – A lot has been said and written about drugs in sport. With each passing year, there are more and more of athletes caught taking banned drugs/chemicals that enhance sport performance. In the recent Tour de France cycling race, almost half of the urine samples yielded traces of banned substances. An underlying inference is that anyone who tests positive for drugs is a cheat. Athletes Perspective – You’ve seen the headlines, most recently in USA Today: Runner to help in drug probe and U.S. Olympian hopefuls face drug accusations, and a myriad of other scandals. Dr. James D. Chlovechok, a sports insider, doctor, Medical Director of the Ohio Sports Medicine Institute, pro-boxer and author, has a lot to say about it. He’s well informed about the widespread drug use and dangers, the conduct unbecoming some of our high-profile athletes, the way rules are bent and broken. Long Term Health Risks – “Athletes using steroids or hormones to add muscle are playing an even more dangerous game with their health,” Wojtys says. And concerns are growing. One alarming study reported that adolescent use of steroids is on the rise, according to The National Institute on Drug Abuse Steroids-Side effects – younger athletes can attest to the fact that the competitive drive to win and win at any cost is fierce. As well as the glory of bragging rights and the satisfaction of personal gain, quite often young athletes compete in the pursuit of greater dreams, a medal for their country, a college athletic scholarship or a place on a pro team. Testosterone And Older Men – Endocrinologists have played a crucial and leading role in defining the clinical manifestations of androgen deficiency, developing appropriate and sensitive assay methods to measure

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