Use Of Metaphor In Lady Lazarus

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‘Creative metaphor are those which a writer/speaker constructs to express a particular idea or feeling in a particular context’ Examine how Plath uses metaphor in Lady Lazarus. Plath uses metaphor in her ‘confessional’ poem Lady Lazarus in order to convey her emotional, physical and psychological struggle with depression. The poem could be interpreted as her attempt to understand or give voice to her suicide attempts. ‘Metaphor is important because of its functions- explaining, clarifying, describing, expressing…’ Plath uses metaphors not only to express her mental struggle, but also the reactions of others to it. She highlights through imagery the lack of willingness and understanding people show and their ignorance when it comes to mental health issues. Instead of understanding her, they view her as a ‘freak show’. Plath uses vivid and disturbing images and metaphors in order to attempt to communicate what if feels like to be revived after an attempted suicide. “it is typical that metaphors use concrete images to convey something abstract, helping to communicate what is hard to explain.” The desire for death, suicide and re-birth are abstract concepts that many people can not understand. Therefore Plath uses images of violence, persecution and physical pain in order to help the reader begin to imagine the therefore understand the physical and psychological pain that people who attempt suicide are suffering from. Through these images Plath is attempting to enlighten us and enable us to become more than a “peanut crunching crowd”. Her metaphors allow us to empathise with her pain and therefore understand thousands of others that may be suffering in a similar way. Another interpretation however could be from a feminist angle, where we explore the woman’s struggle to break out of the expected role of passive victim, and become dominant and powerful. The

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