Use of Market Research in Organisations and Their Role in Making Descisions Essay

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`Use of market research in organisations P3 Introduction In this assignment I will describe the use of market research in an organisation and I will be using data to give various examples and I will look at the market research agency MINTEL to give me data Market research is when a specific market is identified and its size and other characteristics are measured Definition of different types of research Qualitative research is a type of market research that aims to find out people’s opinions and feelings rather than information that can be easily shown in numbers Quantative data is data that can be measured numerically and it is also data that can be measured or verified and it can also be manipulated statistically Primary research is new research that is carried out to answer specific questions or issues. It can involve questionnaires, surveys or interviews with small groups. Secondary Research is when existing information is collected and used for specific purposes rather than primary research where data is collected. Within this form researchers will conduct previous studies and findings such as reports, press articles and previous market projects in order to come to a conclusion. Examples of primary and secondary research Primary | Secondary | Questionnaire | Government Statistics | Sampling | Market Reports | Focus groups | Business Press | Feedback | Competitor annual Reports | Mystery Shopping | Census | | Newspapers/

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