The Use Of A Diagrams And Drawings In The Novel The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time

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Throughout the novel, the protagonist Christopher uses various diagrams and drawings to help us better understand him. I am going to look at how and where Haddon uses the diagrams and drawings and for what purpose. Haddon first uses this technique in chapter three. Siobhan Christopher’s social worker draws faces which represent different emotions. The only one’s Christopher can recognise are ‘happy’ and ‘sad’ this shows us immediately how Christopher’s Asperger’s affects his everyday life. Making us realise why in certain situations someone might be angry, but Christopher reacts unexpectedly. For example he may not recognise the difference in tone of voice, therefore this makes him respond to a situation in a way we may consider arrogant or rude. Christopher then might ‘ask them what they mean or walk away’. I think the reason Haddon uses diagrams to show us this is to relate it to Christopher’s pictorial mind and to explain to us how he interprets emotion. We also learn that Christopher is fond of dogs and he thinks they are more ‘intelligent than some humans’. The diagram relates to this in the respect that a dog can only recognise ‘happy’ or ‘sad’. Although Christopher is highly intelligent his social skills and interpretation of humans is similar to that of a dogs. He even uses dog like behaviour such as ‘barking’ later in the book to ward people off. In Chapter seventeen Haddon introduces us to a more scientific style of diagram. I think the way in which it is used is very interesting. The thing about Christopher is that he has to make a big effort to understand people. Therefore he is quite good at describing and explaining things. The diagram describing stars is made easier to understand. I think because Christopher understands it this way because he can picture it. Christopher can then tell us as an audience about it. This also

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