Use And Develop Systems That Promote Communication Essay

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Use and Develop systems that Promote Communication Be able t o address the range of communication requirements in own role. Ø Review the range of groups and individuals whose communication needs must be addressed in own job role. When communicating within the Home it is essential to pay attention to the Equal Opportunities Policy and its legal and organizational requirement to provide the same opportunities and benefits to all individuals (staff/ Services users). When communicating I ensure that the individual are supported to communicate in their preferred method that everyone has the opportunity to understand the information to everyone else. Methods and systems for communication with individuals and key people depend hugely on the needs of the particular…show more content…
The Data Protection Act 1998 provides a comprehensive policy relating to both written and electronic information. It requires that individuals have access to data that is held on them and where appropriate a request should be made to view this information. Sharing of information also refer to Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 “Whistle Blowing”. This act provides an important framework for individuals to disclosure information, which would otherwise be confidential, where there are concerns regarding well-being of individuals. It facilitates whistle-blowing, where an employee may require protection as a consequence of their actions to inform authorities of poor practice. Confidentiality is an essential principal of good care practice. It is about respecting people’s privacy and the responsible management of information about that person. However all organizations should draw their own policies and procedures on confidentiality and Data protection Act and ensure that all the staffs are aware of and have a better understanding of disclosing information. 4.2 Analyze the essential features of information-sharing agreements within and between
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