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Comparison of Christianity and Muslim religion difference would begin with the symbol that signify your faith. Christians has a cross or the symbol of a fish. Muslim’s has a star and it is join by a crescent moon and used on certain items to show respect but not necessarily worn by all. We represent the bi laws by showing acknowledgement of the 10 commandment which engraved into one memory from the time you are able to read the Holy Bible. Muslim’s have similar rule to govern their faith depending on the denomination in which you belong. For instance the Five Pillars of Islam, Ancillaries of the Faith and Seven Pillars which separate to which you worship. The largest difference in faith is how we eat it was once said in the Old Testament “you can’t eat swine (pig) but new age Christian’s feels that this does not apply to them. Muslim law said” you are only to eat food that are considered halal. Media has for ages reported the issues and supported the argument to expose the truth for certain reason it has a code of conduct to up hold. It is the media’s duty and job to explain the event, give ideas and clues to audience. This does affect the public perception of what to think of the events leading up to and deriving to their own conclusions. Therefore, it is known fact that the media has a great influence on what people perception of Muslim are especially since the 9/11 attack. The more a story is reported it does has a negative public perception and sometime stereotype how we feel about a certain race or ethnic group. Work Cited:

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