USA World Bank Issue and Opportunity Essay

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Issue and Opportunity The current situation facing USA World Bank was created by a lack of quality research. Poor sampling, bad research relationship management, decision making opportunities, and the ability to make the correct conclusion are the battles the organization must fight. Although these issues have created the situations they face today, opportunities are available. In the beginning stages of new product development, the research is vitally important to the decision making process. It can be the difference between a successful new product and one that does not produce results, something Brian Allen has experienced in his past several initiatives. “Good research generates dependable data, being derived by practices that are conducted professionally and that can be used reliably for managerial decision making. In contrast, poor research is carelessly planned and conducted, resulting in data that a manager can’t use to reduce his or her decision-making risks” (Cooper & Schindler, 2003, pp. 14). The results of Best Market Research proved to be inadequate as the sampling was not accepted by the board due to the sample size, time frame of surveys, and the method of gathering the information. Poor research lead to the multiple failures Brian experienced presenting to the board. Best Market Research has conducted most, if not all, of the survey and information gathering over the last couple of years. “When managers lack either research time or talent, they may delegate the task to a staff assistant or a research specialist. This delegation of responsibility can result in greater synergy, especially if the research is decision driven and each party makes a full contribution to the joint venture. However, the separation of research user from research conductor can pose problems in data analysis, interpretation, conclusion finding, and

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