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Us Troops Leaving Iraq An Opportunity For Peace Essay

  • Submitted by: katemi68
  • on November 22, 2010
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The history of humanity is very strange; therefore, the world policy is to strange too. If you want to search the root of mankind historical policy, you have to go back in time to primitive ages. You will have to change your place too, since the place and the time must be considered together. These evokes ancient lands like the Middle East. Lots of civilizations were born and died in these Holy Lands. The Middle East is the real group of a lot of us. In Ancient years, these lands were famous and associated to Prophets and religions. Nowadays, the biggest powers are not interested in holiness. They’re all focused on oil and strategy importance of the Middle East. The real and internal problem is absolutely economics. For example   let’s take a look at the US policy. The US economic power has been decreasing everyday since the East countries such as: Malaysia, Thailand, and specially China have become so powerful because of their cheap labor, and some of the European Union Corporations have moved to the Middle East too. So economic of the US is in danger now. The US has to increase its influence on the world, but how? As the old saying goes: “divide and conquer”, or at least, this is just one of the many reasons to invade, but we know that   the official reason given by the US government was the one of Saddam Hussein’s mass destruction weapons.
As you can see this old land has been the target for invaders since ancient times. The only difference is that in the past it was because of   religion and now its   because of economics. As we have previously said, weapons are the official reason for the invasion, but there were no weapons found. Now US troops are leaving Iran and this is the beginning of a great opportunity for peace.
What would it take to create peace in Iraq?
On August 2. 2006 a delegation of American citizens including Dal La Manga, Code Pink Jodie Evans, and Gael Murphy met with fifteen Iraqis in Amman, Jordan to find out.
They spent two days listening...

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