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Vanessa Penuna English 1A Ms. Muñoz 1 November 2014 US Women’s National Team The great game of soccer has always been there for me when going through hard times. The love I have for this game is indescribable. Playing Soccer since I was a young girl, growing up I looked up to many famous soccer players like Mia Hamm, Michelle Akers and Kristine Lilly. These women changed the game of soccer for every young girl in the United States, making history and creating a name for Women’s Soccer. The history behind the team and the struggle the women had to go through is unbelievable. The US Women’s National Team was not as popular as it is today. Before the mid-80s there was no women’s national team at all until a man named Ansen Dorrance decided to get one started. He had a plan in his head that women soccer can be turned into a World Championship League. Searching all around the United States for teenage prodigies he put together a team of very talented women. A lot of controversy came from the national level administration, threatening Dorrance if his team does not do well he will lose his job. The team played for no money. They were given ten dollars of meal money for one day, had third class travel arrangements, and slept in cheap motels. Throughout there difficult time, the Men’s team was seen in a whole different way. Seen as more important, the men had more respect and money, many believed they would get American Soccer somewhere. The Women team players knew how different they were treated, but it did not matter to them. They were all there for a specific reason. Their passion and love for the game of soccer. FIFA (The International Federation of Association Football) announced in 1991, the M&M World Cup. Also known as FIFAs Women’s World Championship was the first ever tournament for women, inviting twelve nations to compete. Michelle Akers says this

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