Us Migration And Immigration

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Discuss the role that migration played in the expansion of the United States. Why did migrants come to the United States? What awaited them? What were the benefits and difficulties of migration? Introduction: At its start, immigration played a leading role in the change and expansion of the U.S., as migrants traveled across thousands of miles of ocean to reach the "land of opportunity". Whether fueled by the quest to find religious and political freedom, economic prosperity, or by way of slavery, all new inhabitants shaped the economic and political structures as well as overall expansion of the United States. While many immigrants prospered in their search for a new start, many immigrants faced embittered inhabitants as job wages dropped and competitiveness rose. In all, the migration to the United States marked a time of rebirth for many as well a time of restructuring for the newly created United States joining all contributions of those who immigrated. The Irish: During the mid 1800s Ireland’s population grew rapidly and many of the people lived on small farms that produced very little, because of their poverty the people depended mainly on the potato crop. However, due to the failure of the potato crop in 1845 the US saw a large jump in those emigrated from Ireland. . Many of the immigrants to America from Irish were under the age of thirty-five and men [1]. Even though there was a low birth rate in the and plentiful jobs in America many of the Irish found that the fast paced economy they heard about was not as fast as they believed. Many of the Irish worked as domestic servants particularly the women that came over, and the men mostly worked as day laborers [4]. Even though the Irish aided in our expansion and economic well being, they created unrest for the "natives" of the United States of America as "native's" were angered that the immigrants were
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