Us History To 1865 Chapter Summary

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United States History to 1865 Death, destruction, and doom were a result of the Spanish explorers. It is logical to assume that all the Spanish weapons and diseases conquered the Indians. However, it would be foolish not to consider the other factors that may have assisted them. Historians debate the true population of Indians prior to Columbus’s search for Asia. This plays an important role in discovering the Spanish victory in taking over the New World. Another important factor that Dr. Brinkley mentioned in chapter one stated that the Indian tribes were loosely connected. As the book discusses, Hernando Cortes’s first attempt to defeat the Aztec’s did not turn out as planned. The Aztec was known to have a population of 100,000 in 1500. This is the same era Cortes took only 600 soldiers to Tenochtitlan. Logically, this first attempt failed because there was reported to be more natives than soldiers. They were out numbered. Only after small pox killed off Indians was the second mission a success. Brutal photos show the weapons that the Spanish carried were superior to the natives. While…show more content…
First, how did the tribes interact with one another? Tribes in North America were said to view life in their own community, and not as a whole. If the Indian’s viewed their precious land and protected it as one nation, history’s outcome may have been a bit different. Unfortunately, by segregating themselves from one another they weakened their chances of subduing Spaniards. Second, what were their daily routines? Many tribal groups issued the women to handle caring for the children, preparing meals, gathering certain foods, and in some tribes farming. While in some tribes men left the women and children to hunt, and clear land, and battle. The Spaniards may have attacked the village while the women and children were left alone, with out the protection of the
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