Us History Timeline 1776-1791

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November 1777 The Continental Congress passed the Articles of Confederation. The national government had few powers, because Americans were afraid a strong government would lead to tyranny. It was run by a Continental Congress. They had the power to wage war, make peace, sign treaties, and issue money. July 1778 Eight states ratified the Articles. Small states that didn’t have Western claims refused to sign. 1781 All 13 states ratify the Articles after large states gave up Western land claims. Maryland was the last to sign. October 19, 1781 The end of the Revolutionary War. Cornwallis surrenders his force of about 8,000. Treaty of Paris 1783 Formally ends the Revolutionary War. Land Ordinance of 1785 It called for surveyors to stake out six-mile-square plots in the Western lands. 1786 Five states abolished slavery. September 1786 Delegates from 5 states meet in Annapolis Maryland. 1787 Northwest Ordinance described how the Northwest Territory was to be governed. If it grew in population it would gain rights to self-government, and when there were 60,000 people they could apply to become a state. January 1787 There were high taxes put on farmers, and many fell deeply into debt. Anyone who was in debt had their property auctioned off and were put in jail. Daniel Shays commanded a group of 1,500 men to protest. This was called Shays’s Rebellion. Summer 1787 12 states sent delegates to the meeting in Philadelphia. Rhode Island refused to participate. Shays’s Rebellion showed Americans that the national government needed strengthening. May 29, 1787 Randolph offers the Virginia Plan. It proposed a government with three branches: legislature, executive, and judiciary. Legislature had two houses. The number of representatives from each state would be based on its population or wealth. June 15, 1787 The New Jersey
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