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US History Study Guide: 1. Trust: Firms or corporations that combine for the purpose of reducing competition and controlling prices, (establishing a monopoly). One person or company manages each other’s shares. Company’s combine Trust busting: Anti trust laws to prevent monopolies Some one protesting against trust (teddy Roosevelt) 2. Land grant system: Federal government gave land to build railroad. RR companies would sell land to make money to make RR. (Given a total of 120,000 acres) 3. Unions: 2 main = AFL (American federal labor) and Knights of labor. (Organized labor) To help protected from working in unhealthy and dangerous conditions. 2 types = Trade unions = for the people who had special skills (silversmith) (doctors) Industrial unions = for common laborers (factories workers) (dump people) 4. Goals of the knights of labor: 8 hour workday, equal pay for men and women, creation of worker-owned factories, safer working conditions, against child labor, preferred boycotting and arbitration but began using strikes more often. 5. Nativism: Extreme dislike for foreigners by native-born people and a desire to limit immigration. (anti-immigration) Surfaced during the 1800’s, 1840’s, and 1850’s Focused mainly on Irish, Asian, Jews, and Eastern Europeans 6. GNP (Gross national Product): (Good created in your country) In 1914, GNP increased 8X in the last 40 years because of industrialization. 4 contributing factors = 1. Discovery of natural resources a. Fuel for transportation and machinery in factories 2. Increasing population a. Immigration 3. Government a. Laissez faire—gov’t doesn’t interfere in business and industry b. Didn’t impose a lot of regulations, made it easy for businesses to develop 4. Inventions a. Helped increase productivity therefore increasing profits b.

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