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Us History Research Project Essay

  • Submitted by: Madison Lazar
  • on March 31, 2008
  • Category: History
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This picture clearly shows how many soldiers would wait in trenches for the battles to begin. The photographer of this photo is unknown. The picture was taken on July 1, 1916 during WW1.
In this paper I will argue the theme of “struggle” that many people had to endure during the two World Wars. On April 6, 1917, the US congress passed the bill entering the United States into the war. The media was using propagandas to influence the public’s beliefs, ideas and actions. There was a mass production of WMD which included, for the first time, using poisons to attack the opposing sides. In promising that he would keep the US out of the war, President Woodrow Wilson was reelected for his second term. Then in early 1917, the US entered the war.
On May 18, 1917, the US Government passed the Selective Service Act which allowed the government to post drafts that required men to enlist in the armed services. This made things hard for families; they were left back at home while their husbands and sons were out fighting and not knowing if they were alive or not. For the soldiers who were enlisted, it was illegal for them to leave the war. Often times, if a soldier did run away and they were caught, they would be killed. By this time, Russia had pulled out of the war and the US went onto the offensive side.  
Up to that time in history, World War 1 had the highest death count and was bloodiest of any other war. With the 22 million that were killed, half of those people were civilians. The estimated total cost of WW1 was 338 million. Considering what the dollar was worth back then, that’s a lot of money. Once the war was over, the Paris Peace Conference was held. Representatives from each country involved met in Paris and signed a treaty that was to last for one year. Part of the agreement was that Germany had to take full responsibility for the War, they had to repay all war debts and they weren’t allowed to have an army. Hitler came into...

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