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England’s Imperial Stirrings 1. The tree primitive outposts on North America were the Spanish, the French and for the future United States. Elizabeth Energizes England 1. The bleak coast of Newfoundland was the scene of the first English attempt at colonization. In 1585 they landed on the coast of North Carolinas Roanoke Island, off the coast of Virginia. After they were victorious over the Spanish Armada, England now had many of the characteristics that Spain displayed on the eve of its colonizing adventure. The English were seized with restlessness, with thirst for adventure, and with curiosity about the unknown. England on the Eve of Empire 1. Social and economic changes were some of the reasons English settlers immigrated to the new world. 2. Joint-stock company- enabled a considerable number of investors, called “adventurers,” to pool their capital. England Plants the Jamestown seeding 1. The English colonists learned that landing at Jamestown was a nightmare. As soon as they landed near the land of Chesapeake Bay they were attacked by the Indians. Pushing on up the bay, the tiny band of colonist settled in a mosquito-infested and devastatingly unhealthful location that was later named in honor of King James I. There on May 24, 1607, about a hundred English settlers all of them men, disembarked. After that the nightmare began. They lost colonists (about 40) and in another expedition they lost their leaders and many of their precious supplies in a ship wreck. Virginia: Child of Tobacco 1. John Rolfe-the husband of Pocahontas, he became the father of tobacco industry and economic savior of the Virginia colony. 2. The House of Burgesses was authorized by the London Company for the settlers to summon an assembly. A momentous precedent was thus feebly established, for this assemblage was the first of many miniature parliaments to sprout from the soil of

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