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Us History Dbq Essay

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  • on October 17, 2012
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Throughout the period of the early 1800's, Jeffersonian Democratic - Republicans believed in a strict interpretation of the Constitution; that is, the federal government’s authority is strictly limited to what is explicitly allowed in the constitution. The opposing Federalist presidents such as John Adams believed that the authority of the federal government was to be restricted by a loose interpretation of the constitution that provided the government with any authority that was not forbidden by the Constitution. Despite the boundaries of the federalists to a loose interpretation of the Constitution and the Jeffersonian Republicans to a strict interpretation, these characteristics were often impeded upon during the presidencies of James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, in which case Federalists often swayed towards a strict interpretation of the Constitution and Jeffersonians often leaned towards a much broader and loose interpretation.  

The Federalists and Jeffersonian Republicans both had opposing outlooks on the Constitution.   When the Jeffersonian Democratic- Republican Party formed it took shape with the ideas that ideas of a central government that did not impede of the individuality of its citizens by only exercising its control in respect to the liberty of each citizen granted by the Constitution.   In Thomas Jefferson’s conversation with Gideon Granger, future member of the Jefferson cabinet, eluded to his ideas about the authority of the government in describing his loathing towards a central government controlling the states’ rights and individual rights of man, and his belief that such a government could never work out well enough (Document A). In Jefferson’s exchange with minister Samuel Miller, Jefferson asserted his ideals within Democratic Republicanism in saying that that religion can have no say in governmental affairs and that they may only be regulated by the Constitution (Document B). Both these events, taking place in the earlier years of...

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