Us Energy Future Essay

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US Energy Future In the US we face some very serious issues that are only going to become tougher as time goes on unless we change our ways and find a solution for needed energy resources. These issues begin from the concerns of Oil importation coming to an end, trying to minimize or eliminate Carbon Dioxide emissions while fitting the enormous and ever growing demand for energy and much more. As we maybe currently heading in the right direction by using multiple sources of clean energy and constantly researching on how to improve the current situation with the development of future ideas and of course using more efficient sources. One of these efficient and useful sources of energy is Wind Turbines. These are tall metal poles that have a propeller attached that is completely free energy. The propeller blades are spun by the wind. It is connected to spin a shaft which is connected to a generator to make electricity. That is just one of the many choices we have for clean alterative energy. However to every idea there is an oppositional view. One group I would like to highlight is an organization called “North American Platform Against Wind power” (NA-PAW) formed in 2009. This organization is challenging the benefits and cost efficiency to this very successful program. More specifically they are inquiring on how wildlife and the environment are affected by this form of energy on a long term basis. Another alternative we have access to be Solar Panels. Solar Panels convert sunlight into useable energy. Photons strike the surface of the solar panel allowing electrons to be knocked out of their orbits and released. The electronic fields in solar cells pull the now loose electrons into directional current, and the metal contacts inside of the solar cells generate electricity. The higher quality and more solar cells in the solar panels, the bigger amount of

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