Us During The Cold War Essay

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The U.S. played a negative role in the world during the Cold War, not only through allegations but also through fighting for pure profit and nationalism. I feel that the U.S. was hypocritical in their efforts to help other countries gain freedoms that they lost by being communist. The Truman Doctrine, in the Mandell& Gulig book, was brought about by the U.S. to be able to send money, military and military equipment to countries that were communist in order to fight against communism. This was hypocritical of the U.S. because our rights as Americans were taken away during this wartime. By using the excuse that they were fighting to help those in oppression, the U.S. made itself look bad because they were taking away their citizens rights, which is what the Cold War was…show more content…
only furthered their negative role by overthrowing Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala. They overthrew Arbenz, as stated in the Arbenz article and the film, because of his links with communists. Arbenz was not a communist and did not run his country in any way like a communist would. The U.S. overthrew Arbenz for pure profit through the Untied Fruit Company. It was not the United States right to take land from the natives to give to a company that they would profit off of. It is not the United States right to go into other countries and change their government. If they are happy with their government, then we have no right to change it. Even though they do not have the same government as we have, that does not mean that their government is corrupt. The U.S. government acted in a nationalistic way by promoting their government and fighting a war against other countries because of the way they ran their government. The Echoes of A Distant War discussed how MacArthur wanted to stage a war on China, which would have the U.S. taking on way more than they could handle during the Korean War. China had not done anything wrong and just did not appreciate the U.S. being so close to
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