Us Containment Policy Essay

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Connor Stumm 21 May 2012 AP US History Exam: Essay 2 The United States had both successes and failures in the regions of Europe and East/Southeast Asia due to its containment policy. During the period of 1945-1975, the country went through four presidents, each owning his own opinions and ideals when it came to the containment policy and the Cold War. Containment was the central post-war agreement between the US and its allies to keep communism at bay within the Soviet Union. The United States never fell into communism, so there’s a success. With the creation of the United Nations and NATO, we joined efforts with various countries in the cause against communism, also a success. Another successful point of containment was the doctrine…show more content…
We occupied Japan until 1952, but maintained a presence even after we left. Japan was a success. In 1950, however, communist North Korea invaded South Korea, causing the Korean War to begin and US troops to be sent in through the UN. 55,000 United States troops were killed, and that most definitely is a failure on the part of containment. In China, the United States spent very large amounts of money supporting the nationals against communist leader Mao Zedong, an effort that failed. In 1949, the People’s Republic of China, a communist nation, was established. April of 1975 was another Southeast Asian failure, when the communists under leader Ho Chi Minh took over Vietnam and re-created a communist state. Over the course of those thirty years after WWII, The United States tried its hardest to contain communism. We joined forces with other nations in that effort, an effort that was mostly successful in Europe. Containment in East/Southeast Asia had one big success in Japan, but the war in Korea, losing China, and losing Vietnam in ’75 were major failures in containing communism. The Cold War was an era of major paranoia over a nuclear war and the spread of “red” throughout the world, and the U.S. leaders over that time period did their best to keep those bad things at
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